Ray Stedman

Ray C. Stedman  –  is one of the twentieth century’s foremost pastors and biblical expositors. His message of authentic Christianity is shaping the lives of individuals and churches worldwide. Ray’s message now reaches across the globe, for the glory of God and the building up of the body of Christ.

The Ray Stedman Library

We pray this online library helps you move beyond religion, beyond doctrines, beyond rules, beyond rituals, and into a life-changing experience of being intimately connected with Christ at the very core of your being — for this is authentic Christianity!                                                       The Christian life is entirely different from anything the world has to offer. It is more than a mere philosophy of being good to your fellow man, more than merely good teaching about intricate mysteries of life, after-life, heaven and hell. In the Bible, Christian life is centered on one Person, the Lord Jesus Christ, and God’s promise to Christians is that He will conform us to Christ’s image (Phil. 1:6). This Bible Overview — the Christian adventure, the Bible’s major doctrines, the highlights of truth, and a panoramic view of all Scripture — summarizes this timeless purpose of God.

The study sections of the Library

  1.    Bible Overviews

  2.    Old Testament

  3.    New Testament

  4.    Thematic Study

  5.    Authentic Christianity