Student CU Talks

Michael Ots – Talks to University Students
In search of the historical Jesus – Can we really know anything about Him?

In Search of the God of the Old Testament – Is He a moral monster?

In Search of Tolerance – How can there only be one way to God?

In Search of Answers – Why would a God of love allow suffering?

In search of justice – How could God send good people to hell?

What kind of God…lets christians represents him?

What kind of God…would have only one way?

What kind of God…allows suffering?

What kind of God…sends good people to hell?

What kind of God…would send his son to die?

Real Humanity – What does it mean to be human?

Real Love – Where can it be found?

Real Forgiveness – How could the past be wiped clean?

Come and See Real Hope – What does the future hold?

Come and See Real Life – How can I live life to the full?

Uncover Identity: What am I worth?

Uncover Success: What will really satisfy?

Uncover Freedom: Am I really free?

Uncover Forgiveness: Is a fresh start possible?

Uncover Hope: Is there life after life?

What are we worth?

Miles Tradewell
Paul’s Story

A Life less Ordinary