Video Bible Study

str-engThe Stranger on the Road to Emmaus – VideoBook with author and Bible teacher John Cross.
Whether you have significant Bible knowledge, or have never read “the Book”—this online course is for you.
Video and course outline below.

“The Bible is the world’s best-seller. But I don’t know what’s it all about!” The Bible is big, ancient book filled history, poetry, letters and prophecy. How can anyone figure out what is its main message? Why are there so many copies of the Bible around the world and yet so many fail to grasp its meaning? If you have always wanted to know what the Bible’s message is or if you’ve read the Bible but are unsure how it all ties together, then you can benefit from this course. This self-paced video course is adapted from The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus VideoBook. It aims to give a solid overview of the Bible. It ties together key Old and New Testament stories to reveal the identity of God and

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the nature of sin, all the time answering two questions: “Who is Jesus?” and “What is the story of the cross and the tomb all about?” As you watch “the greatest story ever told” unfold, you will begin to understand clearly the Bible’s main message. The course does so with simplicity, without religious jargon and without any arm-twisting. The learner is invited to make up his or her own mind.

Bible Study Video Course Navigation
This 11-hour video course comprises an introduction and 15 chapters. Each chapter is made up of several video clip sections. Begin by watching the introduction and continue at your own pace by clicking on each section title. Each video clip will load into the player below.
Introduction Introduction to the Course
Chapter 1 1 – The Prologue 2 – Getting Things Straight 3 – A Unique Book
Chapter 2 1 – In the Beginning God 2 – Angels, Hosts and Stars
Chapter 3 1 – Heaven and Earth 2 – It Was Good 3 – Man and Woman
Chapter 4 1 – I Will 2 – Has God Said? 3 – Where Are You? 4 – Death
Chapter 5 1 – A Paradox 2 – Atonement 3 – Two By Two 4 – Babel
Chapter 6 1 – Abraham 2 – Belief 3 – Isaac
Chapter 7 1 – Israel and Judah 2 – Moses 3 – Pharaoh and the Passover
Chapter 8 1 – Bread, Quail and Water 2 – Ten Rules 3 – The Courtroom
Chapter 9 1 – The Tabernacle 1b – The Gold Box 2 – Unbelief 3 – Judges, Kings and Prophets
Chapter 10 1 – Elizabeth and Mary 2 – Jesus 3 – Among the Sages 4 – Baptism
Chapter 11 1 – Tempted 2 – Power and Fame 3 – Nicodemus 4 – Rejection 5 – The Bread of Life
Chapter 12 1 – Filthy Rags 2 – The Way 3 – Lazarus 4 – Hell 5 – Acceptance and Betrayal
Chapter 13 1 – Arrested 2 – Crucified 3 – Burial and Resurrection
Chapter 14 1 – The Emmaus Road 2 – (Adam to Noah) 3 – (Abraham to the Law) 4 – (The Tabernacle to the Bronze Serpent) 5 – (John the Baptist to the Resurrection)
Chapter 15 1 – A Convenient Time 2 – Credits