Our purpose is to make the church relevant, serve the local area and engage with the local community.

We are a growing friendly Christian Fellowship which welcomes families and people from all backgrounds. Our aim is to see people come to know Jesus as their Saviour and be equipped through the preaching of God’s word to live victorious Christian lives.

Refreshments are served after the Family service, as we enjoy building friendships and meeting new people. If you stay in the community, are on holiday or visiting family and friends you are welcome to come and worship with us each Sunday.                                                                                                      We look forward to meeting you! Now take time and have a look at our comprehensive website. Thank you for your visit and we trust you found it informative. 


 A CELEBRATION OF HOPE at Falkirk Stadium   June 15th – 17th

Come and hear Will Graham ( Billy Graham’s Grandson) 

with Children + Teenager and Adult events




Text for today

Becoming_a_Christian Steps to peace with God

Steps to peace with God by Billy Graham